The goal of the UNH Athletic Department is to provide the best health care delivery system for student-athletes at University of New Hampshire. The information below will help explain, medical referrals and procedures for filing insurance claims. 

The UNH Athletics Department has an excess insurance policy for student-athletes. The policy will be applied to medical costs incurred for services rendered by authorized health care providers. The Department's policy is not all-inclusive. 

The policy is only applicable for injuries that are a direct result of intercollegiate activity during a required practice or competition supervised by a staff member of the UNH Athletics Department. 

The parents of the student-athlete must complete an annual medical insurance information form regarding the insurance company that provides coverage for the student-athlete. This form must be submitted to the athletic training staff at the beginning of each academic year.

Should an athlete be injured while practicing or participating in a UNH intercollegiate varsity sport, he/she must, regardless of how minor, report this to the Athletic Training staff.   Referrals will be made as required.  Under no circumstances should an individual seek other care without this referral or without reporting information to the Athletic Training staff prior to seeking other care.

If an athlete seeks such unreferred or unreported care, he/she should be prepared to pay for such services.  No liability on the part of UNH exists or may be assumed to exist for medical treatment, or hospitalization of any kind for athletic injuries without prior referral by the Athletic Training staff.


  • Injury sustained in an activity that is not associated with a required intercollegiate practice or competition supervised by a coach.
  • A chronic or recurrent injury that was sustained prior to participation at UNH.
  • Unauthorized consultations or treatments.
  • New injuries that occur after the student-athletes eligibility is exhausted.
  • Medical costs after the student athlete's eligibility is exhausted.
  • Conditions as a result of non-compliance with the school’s policies, team rules, or the advice of the team physician, attending physicians, the athletic trainers or coach.
  • Other dental injuries that are not a result of athletic competition (i.e. wisdom teeth, toothache) CANNOT be paid for by the Athletic Department.  Any structural repair or cosmetic work done in addition to emergency care is the financial responsibility of the student athlete. UNH strongly recommends personal insurance for other medical expenses.


  • Submit all bills incurred to your family coverage first. This will result in one of more of the following actions:
    • Your insurance company may ask for more information regarding the patient, injury, treatment, hospitalization etc. If this is the case it is your responsibility to forward this information to your insurance company.
    • Your insurance company may honor the claim and pay all or a portion of the bills incurred.
    • Your insurance company may not honor the claim and send you a denial of benefits letter.
  • If a balance remains after your family insurance group has contributed towards the claim, send a copy of all the bills and the explanation of benefits from your insurance company to Cindy Michaud at the University of New Hampshire. 
    • If you receive a denial of benefits letter from your insurance company then send the denial of benefits letter and a copy of the bills incurred to Cindy Michaud at the University of New Hampshire Athletic Department.
  • UNH will submit the remaining bills and explanation of benefits (denial letter) to Koster Insurance Company. THIS POLICY, HOWEVER, IS IN EXCESS OF, PERSONAL FAMILY MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE, and covers only injuries resulting in direct participation in the intercollegiate athletic program during the dates of the primary competitive season and designated off-season as approved by the Director of Athletics according to NCAA regulations.
  • It is the student-athlete's and his/her parent(s) / guardian(s) responsibility to understand the conditions that apply to their policy and comply with the requests for information, etc. from the insurance company. Any delinquent bills resulting in bad credit due to non-compliance with insurance companies requests may be the responsibility of the student-athlete and/ or his/her parent(s) / guardian(s).
  • All claims must be resolved with in 2 years (104 weeks) from the date of injury.

If you have any questions regarding the insurance policy or the procedures for submitti ng claims, contact Cindy Michaud at (603) 862-3892.

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