Purchasing Group Tickets

*We are more than willing to flexibly work with all groups to ensure a great fan experience for all!
*Call (603) 862-1763 for availability and pricing*

Choose from our 3 easy purchasing options

*All group tickets must be bought at least 48 hours in advance of the game.  Group tickets CANNOT be purchased the day of the game.

Direct Purchase (minimum of 20 tickets)

Call (603) 862-1763 to place your order by phone.  All major credit cards are accepted.  All tickets will be distributed to the group leader prior to the day of the game.

Online Promotion Code (minimum of 20 tickets)

Using an online promo code eliminates the need to collect money from, or distribute tickets to the other members of you group. Contact us at (603) 862-1763 with the number of tickets you would like and we will create an online promo code for your group or business. Then members of your group or business can purchase the group tickets at their own convenience while still having the opportunity to sit together as a group.

Fundraising (minimum of 30 tickets)

Groups or youth teams looking to raise money for their organization can purchase tickets from the ticket office at the group price and resell them at face-value. The group or team keeps the profits. Ticket prices vary based on game selection and seat location. Contact us at (603) 862-1763 or click here for more details. 

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