GREENLAND, N.H. – The University of New Hampshire men’s ice hockey team will unveil a new jersey when it takes to the ice this weekend in the Florida College Hockey Classic on December 29-30. The Nike Swift Hockey Jersey, first unveiled to

The Wildcats will be one of nine NCAA teams to unveil the Nike Swift Jersey this weekend

the global stage in Torino, Italy in February, makes its college hockey debut this weekend as several NCAA teams will pull on the revolutionary uniform for the first time.
    In addition to the Wildcats, Nike and Nike Bauer Hockey developed jerseys for eight other men’s teams to wear during upcoming holiday college hockey tournaments. Cornell University, Denver University, University of Maine, Miami University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of North Dakota and Ohio State University will also have access to the jerseys when the teams take to the ice this weekend. In addition, the UNH and Cornell University women’s teams were also provided Swift jerseys and will wear them later in the season.
    “We are excited to be one of the first teams selected by Nike Bauer Hockey to help introduce the Nike Swift Hockey Jersey to the college hockey community,” said UNH Head Coach Dick Umile. “We are eager to try out the new design and see the benefits of all the research Nike and Nike Bauer Hockey have put into the new uniform.”
    A culmination of more than three years of research, testing and feedback from some of the world’s greatest hockey players, the Nike Swift Hockey Jersey reduces overall uniform weight, adds increased mobility and comfort while making the jersey aerodynamically the most advanced in the world.
    Developed by Nike’s Advanced Innovation Team –– the same forward-thinking group that unleashed the Nike Swift Suit for track and field, the Nike Swift Skin for speedskating and contributed to Lance Armstrong’s unprecedented seven Tour de France victories –– the Nike Swift Hockey Jersey delivers unmatched performance without sacrificing an ounce of hockey heritage. The Advanced Innovation Team closely examined every facet of the hockey uniform in an effort to make the fastest game even faster. Utilizing state of the art fabrics, materials and technology, including comprehensive wind tunnel testing never before conducted for the hockey uniform, the overall weight of the jersey was reduced by nearly 400 grams, saving more than 200 lbs. in lifted weight per game for the typical forward.
    “Unlike any time in hockey’s history, the action on the ice is faster and quicker, with blinding speeds and unfathomable power,” said Jordan Wand, Global Director, Nike Advanced Innovation Team. “The ongoing trend in hockey has been to focus on developing lightweight skates and equipment, but we recognized the importance of examining how we could improve on the uniform itself. With Nike’s Swift innovation, the hockey athletes’ need for speed is satisfied, proving that hockey apparel is more than simply an accessory; it’s essential equipment.”
    In Torino, 10 men’s teams and eight women’s teams wore the Swift jersey, including both the United States and Canadian men’s and women’s teams. While the Swift jersey has been worn by National Teams in sanctioned International Ice Hockey Federation events, it is making its debut at the college game with the nine men’s teams this weekend.
    “The Nike Swift Hockey Jersey has proven technology advancements that have benefited some of the greatest players in the game during some of the largest – and most important - ice hockey tournaments in the world,” said Ed Saunders, US Marketing Manager, Nike Bauer Hockey. “It’s now time to provide these jerseys to some of the greatest college hockey programs in the country.”
    In addition to the all-important weight reduction properties, the Nike Swift Hockey Jersey features several other key benefits, including:

    The Nike Swift Hockey Jersey helps increase player efficiency by paying particular attention to thermoregulation. Strategic mesh venting is located at gaps in the under protection, allowing air to flow directly to the body, increasing evaporative cooling and comfort.
    Through perspiration, a hockey player can lose up to 2 pounds of body weight per period. Using lighter weight, less absorbent materials integrated strategically into the jersey design, the uniform takes on far less moisture than traditional products, staying lighter throughout the game.

Mobility, Fit and Comfort
    For mobility, the Nike Swift Hockey Jersey features optimal material integration, hockey-specific articulation for greater freedom of movement, and zoned stabilization in the forearms and elbows. The jersey’s streamlined fit helps defeat a defender’s jersey-grabbing grip and allows greater freedom of movement. The position-specific goalie jersey incorporates more durable fabrics across the entire face of the jersey, and is cut larger to accommodate goalie pads.

Overcoming Air Resistance
    While 25 percent of a hockey athlete’s energy is spent fighting the friction of the ice, 75 percent of the energy is spent overcoming air resistance. The rigorous wind-tunnel testing has shown that the Nike Swift Jersey – with its advanced design, hockey-specific articulation and fit, reduced weight, and innovative materials delivers a dramatic reduction in aerodynamic drag compared to standard hockey jerseys.

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